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Trend A Deal

Trend A Deal is the world’s first social media marketplace where social media users offer social media and related services through their social media platforms, podcasts, IGTV, You Tube etc. Trend A Deal also enables advertisers, marketers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, influencers and any other person to find the best social media deals or rates and strike deals online from social media service providers anywhere in the world. All the client has to do is select the deal in just one click, and if the service provider or influencer is satisfied with client requirements, their job is to deliver.

Trend A Deal also goes a step further by verifying social media statistics so you can check the credibility of the influencer or service provider, using InMoolah analytics. On InMoolah, you can see the engagement, verification, influence ratio, reach, average likes and comments of the influencers listed on Trend A Deal, and also sort by number of followers, the gender of the influencer, their best followed social media account and much more

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Why work with TrendaDeal?
  • Discover

    Discover a community of social media professionals or digital experts who can cater to your specific project needs, at the right time and at the right price.

  • Verification

    We verify the authenticity of each seller/influencer so you can have full assurance of quality and results. You can see their social media analytics or digital competency.

  • Exchange

    As a buyer you can transact instantly with a review and dispute process | As a seller you can add 42 different ways to earn an income online using free traffic.

How Trend A Deal works?
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  • Select a Deal

    Sign up for free and choose a suitable deal ordered by the number of service profile, followers, category, suitability for your campaign, etc.

  • Discuss Project

    Finalise all details regarding your campaign or deal. You can contact each service provider for any custom offers

  • Deposit Fee

    Once the fee is deposited with us, the social media service provider will deliver the deal or campaign. When approved by you and the deal is delivered - we release funds to service provider.