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Trend A Deal

Trend A Deal is the world’s first social media marketplace where social media users can offer promotional services on their social media platforms, podcasts and You Tube channels. Trend A Deal also enables advertisers, marketers, brand managers, entrepreneurs and any other person to find the best social media deals or rates and strike deals with users anywhere in the world. All the client has to do is select the deal in just one click, and if the influencer is satisfied with client requirements, their job is to deliver.

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  • Sign Up is Free

    Sign Up on Trend A Deal is Free. Only registered users can buy and sell on Trend A Deal.

  • Find Influencers Deals with Ease

    You can find the influencer social and digital media services that you need by browsing through the catalog in different categories, or by using Trend A Deal's search engine and filters to find a specific service or influencer.

  • Strike a Deal in One Click

    Once you find an Influencer Deal that you like, click it for more information, such as a description of the service, portfolio or samples of work, and pricing. If you have specific questions, we recommend contacting the influencer prior to ordering.

How TrendaDeal works?
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  • Select an Influencer Deal

    Choose a suitable influencer deal ordered by the number of followers, category, suitability for your campaign, etc.

  • Discuss Project

    Finalise all details regarding your campaign or deal. Provide text and product if necessary to influencer

  • Deposit Fee

    Once fee is deposited with us, Influencer will deliver the deal or your campaign. When approved by you and deal is delivered - we release funds to influencer.