I am a proffessional data-engineer that offers scraping of social media accounts for leads for your companies. These leads require an instagram account username. From here, you can get the email and phone numbers of niche specific audience according to whatever instagram account you want to be scraped. For e.g, if you are in the beauty industry, you can access the followers of beauty accounts so you can retarget your marketing to that niche. Each converted lead can bring up your clients by 2000% depending on how many leads you require. 

I offer up to R1 per lead, starting from 200 leads per user. 

Order Process

1. Each order will need an instagram account you will provide, stating whether you want the account’s followers, or who that account is following as leads, when you contact me. This could be a competitor account that is in your market that has a lot of followers, or you could follow a bunch of users using your own account that you want details of, or etc.


The higher the amount, the better the conversion. 


2. Then I will bring back a csv sample of the data and give you an invoice of the cost. I will then create a custom order to suit your specifications, if you would like more than the R200 standard.